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Boko Haram and 21st century Nigeria

Aniago Magnus, A

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Education Research and Review

For over three years Boko Haram, the deadly Islamic group has dominated the Nigerian polity notoriously because of their unprecedented suicide attacks and bombings on Nigerian citizens. This paper traces the origin of Boko Haram and their metamorphosis into a radical and terrorist group. It is found that ignorance and illiteracy is a major factor providing raw materials and the persons that are brainwashed to carry out the suicide attacks. It is difficult to convince a university professor to carry out a suicide attack. The leaders play on the ignorance of the followers. It is recommended that every hand should be on deck to promote education especially those of the amajiris just as the federal government and the governor of Kano state, kwankwaso are doing. The security agents should be more tactical in handling the manace of Boko Haram. Keywords: Boko haram, Federal government, Terrorist group, Ignorance and Security Agents