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The relationship between foreign language anxiety and belief toward FLL among children EFL learners

Mohammad Reza Talebinejad

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Education Research and Review

The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between foreign language anxiety and beliefs about foreign language learning among children in the Iranian context (at Navid Language Institute) as well as comparing their beliefs with that of their teachers. In this study 42 linguistically homogeneous female students were selected after the Nelson test and were subjected to BALLI and FLCAS designed by Horwitz (1987). For answering the second research question, also 9 teachers were selected. After test administrations, the data from two questionnaires were analyzed statically. The findings revealed that children EFL learners hold the same idea with regard to BALLI and FLCAS. In order to compare both BALLI questionnaires completed by the students and teachers an independent sample t-test was applied. The findings reveal that teachers and students hold almost similar ideas with regard to their responses to BALLI and the result of t-test sample. The findings are in line with previous studies in this area. Keywords: Foreign Language Anxiety, Beliefs about Language Learning, FLCAS, BALLI, Children EFL learners