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Managerial appraisal of the provision and use of fire extinguishers by motorists along Benin-Asaba expressway in Nigeria

Alagbu Chukwubuikem Eugene

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Education Research and Review

Good management of human resources also includes taking measures and steps that would help to protect life and prevent all possible events that might lead to loss of life or injury or deformity. Accident prevention must therefore be taken very seriously especially the type that involves victims being trapped inside a burning vehicle, without any viable means of putting off such fire, like, a functional fire extinguisher. It is on this premise that this research was predicated, to investigate the Managerial Appraisal of the provision and use of fire Extinguishers by motorists along Benin-Asaba Expressway in Nigeria. The research was conducted between July 1 and September 2012 along Benin-Asaba Expressway in Nigeria, specifically at five Road Safety Check Points, in collaboration with the Nigerian Road Safety Corps based in Benin, Agbor and Asaba. The driver of each car intercepted was requested to (1) Show the fire extinguisher of his/her car. (2) To demonstrate how to operate the fire extinguisher. Thereafter the true functionality of the fire extinguisher was ascertained and certified by the researchers/Road Safety Corps Officers. A total of 2878 cars were intercepted and checked, out of which 2618 had fire extinguishers. Structured Interview/question guide and check-list, were the data collecting techniques used for the study. The data collected were analysed using frequency counts and percentages. Results, show that only few of the male drivers lacked knowledge of how to operate the fire extinguishers in their cars, while the worst offenders were the female drivers. Recommendations were made. Keywords: Fire extinguishers, partial disability temporal disability, total disability accident prevention.