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Effective supervision as a challenge in technical and vocational education delivery: Ensuring quality teaching/ learning environment and feedback mechanism

A.O. Clark

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Education Research and Review

The standard of education in Nigeria is often said to be on the decline based mainly on dismal students performances in National Examinations. It is therefore, pertinent to explore avenues for strengthening and refocusing the educational system: An enormous challenge in the educational delivery is the role of the instructional supervisor. The teachers and their supervisors need to agree on the most appropriate activities that will ensure effective delivery of instructional activities. This study therefore was conducted to find out if there were still supervisors in Technical and Vocational Colleges; if so, if they knew their responsibilities and if they were performing them effectively. Two questionnaires were designed, the first titled teachers perception of supervisors effectiveness questionnaire (TPSEQ) and was administered to one hundred and twenty-five teachers in Technical Colleges in Edo State of Nigeria. While the second, titled Supervisory Effect on Teaching/Learning Environment Questionnaire (SETEQ) was administered to nineteen supervisors. The findings revealed that the supervisors rarely had pre- or post-supervision conferences with teachers and were not visiting classroom for observations. Recommendations were made to ensure that the supervisors effectively performed their responsibilities to ensure quality teaching/ learning environments and feedback mechanism. Keywords: Teacher Supervision, Instructional Supervisor, Feedback.