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Epidemiology and etiology of sexually transmitted disease (STD) and HIV/AIDS among hotel-based workers in Karachi, Pakistan

Rubina Ghani

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Science

Background: The prevalence of sexually transmitted Disease (STDs) among hotel-based sex workers (HBSWs) in Karachi, Pakistan, was studied. These hotel workers are considered as high risk group because of their age, economic independence, low education and residence in a place away from their family. Objective: In poor countries, data on STDs and related complications are limited, which causes a substantial under estimation of the burden of these diseases. The aim of this study was to access in health care facilities for diagnosis and treatment of STDs. Material and Methods: The focus of this study was to understand the sexual behavior among categories of hotel workers in the context of HIV/AIDS and STD. 100 respondents were selected randomly from 25 different hotels from different parts of city and these were receptionists, waiters, room-service persons and security guard. Result: The 26 years of age of the responders were taken in this study. 37% of the subjects ever visited commercial sex workers, 80% of the subjects were un-married who visited hotel-based sex workers and never used condom, 3.3%. used it consistently were as 16.6% used occasionally. Only 3 hotels workers reported homosexual/bisexual experience. On further information 85% of all the responders had heard about AIDS and there were misconceptions. Conclusion: These data suggest that the time trends in HIV and STD prevalence are partly due to the changing sex work milieu. Prevention programme aimed at male sex workers should be highly prioritized and the screening program for HIV/AIDS and STD should be done Keywords: Sexual behavior, hotel employees, HIV/AID, Sexual transmitted disease (STD)