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Cancer profile in B.P. Koirala institute of health sciences, Dharan, Nepal: A five-year study

Kafle SU

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Science

This study was done to find the most common cancers diagnosed as malignant among males and females attending this hospital. All histopathology and cytopathology cases reported as malignant from January 2005 to Dec 2009 were included in the study. A total of 3491 patients were diagnosed with malignancy. 1693(48.5%) were males and 1798(51.5%) were females with male to female ratio of 1.062. The top five districts with populations vulnerable to malignant conditions were Sunsari (893), Morang (598), Jhapa (512), Saptari (168) and Ilam (162). 225 patients were from India. Most patients (782) were 51-60 years of age. Males (398) were predominantly from 61-70 years age group while females (432) were mostly from 51-60 years age group. The most common cancers in females were of breast, cervix and gall bladder in descending order. In males the most common were hematolymphoid, gastric and lung malignancies. Keywords: cancers, breast, cervix, gall bladder, hematolymphoid, gastric, lung malignancies