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Herbal approach toward Vatarakta (Gout), a Metabolic Syndrome: a review

Kushwaha Ashwani Kumar and Maurya Santosh Kumar

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Gout is a multi-factorial disorder characterized by hyperuricemia, deposition of uric acid crystals in and around joints as well as in soft tissues. These days its prevalence is increasing due to changes in life style and therefore it has a noteworthy impact on the working population, their work, productivity and physical function. Conventional drugs used in the management of gout have some associated drawbacks. Therefore, it is essential to find out some alternative therapeutic approaches. The clinical features of gout such as sudden burning pain, swelling, redness and tenderness in joints come under the purview of vatarakta (gouty arthritis) in Ayurveda classics. Plant based medicine have gained upward attention in current scenario for the prevention and treatment of gout. In recent years many studies were done in search of new xanthine oxidase inhibitors with fewer side effects than available ones and have more precise effects. Therefore, this manuscript aims to perform an updated systematic review on the available information regarding medicinal plant as well as the classical Ayurvedic monoherbal therapy useful in the treatments of gout.