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Semantic based e-Housing Platform for Urban Regions

Omotosho, Oluyinka. I.; Adeyanju, Ibrahim A.

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Shelter is a basic necessity of life. Every human in all categories are entitled to securing a desired accommodation with an ease, in this advent of advancement in technology. Currently, the process of securing accommodations/houses in most cities of developing countries are characterized by stress, discouragement, confusion, fear of exorbitant rent charges and estate agents' commission among others. While there have been drastic improvements in the first and second world countries, enormous work is still required in the Third world countries to eradicate challenges surrounding acquisition of basic needs of life, among which accommodation is primary. This work maximizes the advent of semantic web technology in a platform that integrates all players in e-Housing for a lasting solution strategy.