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Penetration in the Nature of the Brain Mental Activity

Yumatov Evgeny A*

Journal Title:Journal of Neurology, Psychiatry and Brain Research

The brain is a unique organization in nature, having the psychic activity, which is expressed in subjective states: thoughts, feelings, emotions. Knowledge of the nature of mental activity of the brain is the most urgent and the most challenging task of physiology. Historically the neurophysiology developed on the basis of physical and chemical laws discovered in an inanimate nature. Our investigation is devoted towards the origin of a human subjective state, and presents a methodology for studying of the nature psychic brain activity (E.A. Yumatov, 2014, 2017). We have established the existence of physical phenomena unique for the living brain so-called “Psychogenic field”, which reflects the psychic state of human brain. The subjective state of a human being was shown to affect remotely the physicochemical properties of the blood. The interaction of neurophysiological and psychic processes is described in the context of systemic organization of a wakefulness and sleep. An original schematic diagram is presented to describe the formation of the brain psychic activity. This approach is based on the feedback influence of a psychogenic field on neuronal molecular processes (self-induction in the brain). We propose a paradigm for the origin of psychic state and possible existence of the fields, which are unique for the brain. The presented scheme and paradigm of systemic organization of psychic activity of the brain are a prerequisite for the subsequent development of the theory consciousness.