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Concomitant Radio-Fluorescence-Guided Surgery in High Grade Glioma. Cohorte Study

Piloto López Orestes*

Journal Title:Journal of Neurology, Psychiatry and Brain Research

This article provides an overview of the process undertaken by occupational therapy practitioners (OT) when providing services for clients with psychosocial disorders. The occupational therapy process is the client-centered delivery of occupational therapy services. The process includes evaluation and intervention to achieve targeted outcomes. The stages of the process and the dynamic interactions among the different aspects of the process are emphasized. The occupational therapy process is a dynamic and evolving process with the targeted outcome of enhancing client’s independence, safety, and quality of functional performance and improving engagement in meaningful and purposeful occupations. Understanding of its aspects and the dynamic interaction among them help occupational therapists develop clinical decision making reasoning skills and make occupational therapy services more effective.