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The Quantitative Distribution of the Hormones of Love and Neurotransmitters at Psycho Emotional Stresses

Nugzar G Aleksidze*

Journal Title:Journal of Neurology, Psychiatry and Brain Research

In the article the results of studies of quantitative changes in the hormones of love under psycho emotional stress are examined. It is shown that for all emotional loads, the brain plays the leading role in pacing the psycho emotional load by mediating the hormones of love (oxytocin, vasopressin) and neurotransmitters (epinephrin, serotonin, dopamin) which are controlled by the brain. Three forms of love are considered: lust, attraction and attachment, which when men and elsewhere are really amazed by love and cannot think of another. The libido is also estimated-the passion of love by Freud and Jung. The data on five structural formations of the brain responsible for the attraction of love are given. It is shown that pray is one of the ways of psychotherapy.