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Beyond Impulsivity: Behavioral Disinhibition in ADHD

Mostafa Showraki*, Houman Soltani

Journal Title:Journal of Neurology, Psychiatry and Brain Research

      There is a general behavioral disinhibition beyond impulsivity in ADHD that leads to risk taking behaviors such as careless driving, substance use, and many other negative consequences or complications. Behavioral disinihibtion (BD) as a frontal and specifically prefrontal cortex pathology, has been seen long in injuries and pathologies to this area of the brain, leading to uncontrolled behavior, is a centerpiece of symptoms cluster in ADHD-HI (Hyper-Impulsive) subtype. The first aim of this paper is to confirm the existence of a general behavioral disinhibition beyond the already recognized one in cognitive domain. The second goal of the study is to identify if there is a link between this phenotype and risk taking, misconduct behaviors and substance use. Lastly we have sought to determine whether there is a correlation between major symptom clusters of ADHD, -i.e. hyperactivity and impulsivity to behavioral disinhibition.       The result of this original study confirms the common presence of behavioral disinhibition as a major symptom cluster in ADHD-HI. We were also able to show a positive correlation exists between the symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity with behavioral disinhibition. Furthermore, there is an even stronger link between behavioral disinhibition and risk taking, misconduct behaviors, and substance use, than with hyperactivity and impulsivity. In conclusion, behavioral disinhibition in untreated ADHD demands recognition, treatment, and prevention.