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An Evaluation of Active Mental Health, Wellbeing and Suicide Intervention Using the TUFMINDS Program

John McIntosh*, Elizabeth McIntosh

Journal Title:Journal of Neurology, Psychiatry and Brain Research

Background: Suicide rates are not falling despite increasing expenditure and effort. Historically individuals in mental health crises have delays in accessing treatment so a universal, community based, online program that provides active mental health and suicide intervention has potential for significant benefit. Aims: To evaluate the efficacy, acceptability and safety of the TUFMINDS program to deliver video-based education. This includes active processes to improve mental wellbeing, resilience and coping and mood scores as well as suicide knowledge and self-efficacy for active intervention, provided in a passive manner with participants watching videos modules. Method: 66 participants in two businesses attended 6 hours of training watching the TUFMINDS video program with pre and post questionnaires evaluating the changes. Results: Participants showed significant improvement in optimism, resilience, depression, anxiety and stress scores as well as reduction in mental health stigma. The improvements in suicide knowledge, skills, confidence and willingness to assist others were also dramatically increased. There was no evidence of any iatrogenic effects from the training. Limitations: The lack of a control group, small sample size, lack of follow up, use of non-validated methods are the limitations of this study. Conclusions: Direct video training can be effective to increase mental resilience and wellbeing, reduce depression, anxiety and stress while improving suicide knowledge and willingness to assist others in the suicidal crises. This study supports the proposal that mental health interventions can be provided in video or digital formats without professional input across communities safely and effectively.