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Gelsolin and Annexin 7 proteins correlates with lymph node metastasis (LNM) in carcinoma cell

Asma Saleem Qazi

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Science

Background: There has been a tendency to focus on subcellular proteomes concerning specific subcellular compartments and macromolecular structures of the cell. Subcellular proteomics, as an important step to functional proteomics, has been a focus in proteomic research. Aim: To find whether LNM associated proteins perform their functions in some association with each other as some binding or interacting partners. Comparison of ratio of difference of their expression levels on the basis of their sub-cellular expression sites. Methods: Sub-cellular structures were focused to investigate two calcium dependent phospholipid binding proteins. The effect of their expression levels on each other were analyzed by increasing and decreasing regulation of protein on each other and further evaluation by SDS-PAGE. Results: LNM associated proteins were expressed at different sub-cellular location with different expression levels with higher expression in high potential cell lines for LNM. Up-regulation has increased and down-regulation has decreased their expression levels. Conclusion: The separation of cells into its compartments can increase the probability of detecting even low expression levels of proteins at different sites which not only tells the whole protein content of that specific fraction rather helps in understanding their structures, functions and binding associations with each other. Keywords: lymph nodes, metastasis, hepatocellular carcinoma, proteomics, subcellular fractions.