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Application of Kupara Marma chikitsa can play a potential role in management of cervical spondylosis: A review

Ashutosh Kumar Pathak, H. H. Awasthi and Ajai Kr. Pandey

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

In ancient literatures like Vedas and in classics of Ayurveda the concept of Marma was limited to the war science and Marma points were mainly considered as only fatal points i.e., trauma to them leads to debility or even death as these are seat of Prana (life energy). As Prana effects all aspects of a person that is – physical, mental, social as well as spiritual, so Marma may be assumed to be those important seats of psycho-neuro-endocrino- immunological pathways which may be influenced in order to regulate the physical, mental and spiritual functions. In the present era its applied aspect, that is, stimulation of these Marma by means of Abhyanga (massage), Mardana (Acupressure), Aroma therapy, Pranic healing, Herbs (lepa), Raktamokshan (blood letting) and Agnikarma (heat application),etc is utilised to treat disease but Marma chikitsa, a therapy practised by few practitioners to stimulate these Marma points directly by applying pressure, vibrating tendons, pinching or application of hot and cold pastes, oils and ointment on Marma depending on the type of Marma had emerged as new dimension in non pharmacological treatment of Ayurveda. The Kurpara Marma chikitsa can be used to alleviate the radiculopathic pain of cervical spondylosis as well as it has potential to modify the disease to maintain the homeostatsis of the cervical spine region.