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Analysis of water quality using physico-chemical parameters and coagulation treatment to water of Kolavada Lake using PAC, natural coagulant and mixture of coagulants

J. K. Desai, P.J.Patel, P. P. Parekh and S. D. Patel

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The present study deals with the physico-chemical parameters and effect of plant based coagulant, chemical coagulant and mixture of coagulants on water of Kolavada Lake, District Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Changes in physical and chemical parameters such as water temperature, transparency, turbidity, total dissolved solids, pH, dissolved oxygen, BOD, COD and total hardness, chlorides, alkalinity, phosphate and nitrates were analyzed. Changes observed in all parameters after coagulants treatment. But all parameters were not within the permissible limits. The results indicate that the water of lake may be used for Irrigation.