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A comparative analytical study of Pravala bhasma and Pisti w.s.r. to Moola and Shakha

Kaushal Arushi and Arora Ravinder

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Of various gems, Pravala is widely used by the Ayurvedic physicians in their day to day practice of life. The use of Pravala for internal purposes and for preparing various formulations can be observed. Internally as medicine, it is administered in the form of Bhasma and Pisti for curing ailments such as Amlapitta, Netra Roga and Hridaya Roga etc. The drug is being manufactured by various industries and hence the product is widely available in the market. But pharmaceutically it greatly varies from industry to industry and physician to physician with respect to its quality. Moreover, in the market, it is available in two forms viz. Pravala shakha and Pravala moola. The former is costlier than the moola. Some of the clinicians claim that Pravala shakha is more efficacious as compared to Praval moola, for which there is no rationale explained in the classical texts. The quality and standard for this drug therefore, is a question in this scientific and advanced era. The parameters like organoleptic, physical, chemical, qualitative and quantitative etc. place key role, by which quality of any dosage form can be determined. In the present study, the Pravala pisti is prepared by triturating with rose water whereas the Pravala bhasma is generally prepared by bhavna with ghritkumari and subjected to puta. Both moola and shakha bhasma and pisti are prepared by same methods and analysed on parameters like organoleptic, physical, chemical which include loss on drying, total ash, acid insoluble ash, water soluble extractive, alcohol soluble extractive, pH etc, qualitative and quantitative tests. The results show that there was no significant difference between moola and shakha. However, the percentage of calcium, phosphorous, iron and magnesium etc. elements are more in Praval moola.