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Drug Dependence- A Curse to the Indian Society

Brijendra Singh Tomar and Archana Singh Vishen

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Drug addiction is the curse to the Indian society. All the State and Union territory are affected but the condition is worst in Punjab. Statistics reveals that at least 25,426 people committed suicide due to drug and addiction related problem in last 10 years across India. This comes to an average seven suicides per day. Appalling truth is that suicide due to drug related problems exceeds dowry, poverty and money related suicides in India in mast of the last 10 years. According to official data from the ministry of Social justice and empowerment, India has an estimated 3.4 million drug abuse victims. The number excludes alcoholics, who figure at around 11 million in the country. India is highly vulnerable because it is sandwiched between two infamous drug routes and poppy growing areas, namely the „golden crescent‟ on the northwest and „golden triangle‟ on the northeast where drugs is easily available. The Government undertakes remedial measure like Integrated Rehabilitation Centre for Addicts (IRCA) that provides counseling, treatment and rehabilitation services to drug abuse victims. But the numbers of IRCA are only 401, which is an average of overwhelming 8478 victims per IRCA. Out of these 3.4 million drug abuse victims, only 0.3 million have registered themselves in these addiction centers, which is just 10% of total figure. So the whole responsibility cannot be left on Government, so health care professional should come forward to fight addiction.