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Chymopapain, A hope for IVDP (Intervertebral Disc Prolapse) Patients – an alternate to the Surgery

Satender Tanwar, Shailaja S.V and Kiran M. Goud

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Chemonucleolysis is a non-surgical treatment for a bulging disc that involves the injection of an enzyme called chymopapain into the vertebral disc with the goal of dissolving the inner part of the disc, the nucleus pulposus. The chymopapain extract from the papaya plant having property to dissolve the property of dissolves the dislocated disc causing compression on the spinal nerve and gives the symptomps of sciatica. Chymopapain is a proteolytic enzyme isolated from the latex of papaya (carica papaya). It is a medication used to treat herniated lower lumbar discs in the spine. The treatment seemed to offer a less invasive, lower-cost alternative to surgery while achieving comparable success. Although many patients experienced excellent outcomes, chemonucleolysis with chymopapain was found to cause serious side effects at a higher-than-expected rate. The nonspecific enzyme digested structures in addition to the disk nucleus, leading in the worst cases to hemorrhage, pain, and paralysis. In some patients, chymopapain triggered serious allergic reactions, including fatal anaphylactic shock. Serious side effects from the use of chymopapain include anaphylaxis, paralysis of the legs or death. Due to the above reasons twenty years later—in January 2003—the FDA halted the sale and distribution of chymopapain in the United States. After taking above concept in due consideration the oil can be extracted from the papaya plant and can be tried in the form of kati basti and kati pichu to get the better result in case of IVDP and prove to be less invasive, costeffective and one of great achievement in the field of Ayurvedic medicine if come out with successful results. Hence, there is scope for the above said conceptual study to make it EBM (Evidenced Based Medicine) and new advancement in the field of medicine.