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Concept of Rakta Dhatu

Prashant Rajiv Madankar, Sampada S. Sant

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The basic physiology of Ayurveda mostly consists of three fundamental things, i.e. three Doshas, seven Dhatus and three Malas. Out of these, Dhatus mainly perform the function of holdingtogether the bodily elements. Meanwhile Rakta Dhatu is one of the important Dhatu out of seven Dhatu’s. As compared to modern science, which merely describes it as blood, the composition, nature and functions described in the functions of Raktadhatu are very broad and any kind of imbalance in it affects the whole body. Ayurveda covers Raktadhatu in much wider aspect. Ayurvedic texts reveal that Rakta dhatu has much broader concept than blood.