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Syndrome ‘X’ - Current Global Pandemic with a hope to cure in Ayurveda

Vinay Tiwari, Kamal Kishore, Midhun Mohan, Satender Tanwar, Kiran M. Goud

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

There was an era when the mortality rate was high due to the infectious disease in the population. Thanks to Sir Alexander Fleming who led to the discovery of the Antibiotics and gave weapon to fight against the pathogens. There was greater reduction in the mortality rate due to infectious disease after discovery of antibiotics. But in the latter half of the 20th century newer developments of various disorders called as metabolic disorders and life style disorders were seen in the population. Metabolic disorders which aroused due to imperfect food habits and lack of exercise. Life style disorders, which a human being acquires due to his life style patterns and day to day activities. The metabolic disorders do not occur as single but the person suffers from two or more set of features currently called as Syndrome X or metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is premorbid state that drags the patient into various other disorders, if no proper steps are taken to prevent and manage it. Ayurveda means the life science which explains about the preventive as well as curative aspects of diseases and way to stay healthy and disease free. The metabolic syndrome – similar set of features has been explained about the Acharyas 1000yrs back not only the aetiology, pathogenesis and complication but also about the preventive and curative measure which is unique, effective and evidenced based till now. In this conceptual study the attraction is drawn to help wider group of population who are prone and presently defined under Syndrome X with a great hope of prevention and cure with botanicals and various formulations explained by our Acharyas after extensive research and experimentation.