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Emotional, behavioral and cognitive mechanisms in rehabilitation of romantic love neuro-cognitive process

Zarghi A

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Science

Neuro-cognitive assessment of romantic love is confined. The identifying theories and mechanisms involved in these complex feelings helps to better understanding of its neurobiology. The aim of this study is to investigate systemic emotional, behavioral, and cognitive mechanisms in rehabilitation of romantic love neuro-cognitive processes. It is not surprising that activities occur in brain areas which are also active in other emotional states but stimulated activity pattern is unique here. While expression and experience of love is very broad and different, its study can easily be far from the advantage of effective and powerful magnifier which researchers provide. Multi-dimensional nature of this feeling forces researchers to use always theorizing and research methods and combine different levels of analysis in a way that pay attention to fundamental aspects of love from personal perspectives and so utilize greater integration of multiple disciplines for assessing this feeling. Previous studies indicate that scientific investment should be in a right direction to develop understanding toward this outstanding individual phenomenon and it can be used as a solution in emotion rehabilitation. Keywords: rehabilitation, romantic love, emotional, behavioral and cognitive mechanisms