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Concept of Food

Bijay Kumar Gupta

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Food plays a decisive role in the development, sustenance, reproduction and termination of life. Through centuries, food has been recognized as an important factor for human beings, in health and diseased state. Man has always been interested in food and the history of man to a large extent has been a struggle to obtain food. It is difficult to suggest the right food for all as it may vary from person to person depending on his nature. Therefore food is of supreme significance in the maintenance of healthy body and mind. The ancient science of Ayurveda gives due importance to food and its dietic regulation from long ago. Concept of food (Ahara) is one of the prime and novel concepts of Ayurveda. Since long Ayurveda has believed that food is a milestone in a person‟s health and recently modern science has also adhered to the above concept. Ayurveda gives prime importance to the prevention of diseases by elaborating the right lifestyle for a healthy today and healthier tomorrow. This is meant for strengthening the immune system of the body. Right diet and regimen are essential component of this right lifestyle. Diet is the science of food and its relationship to health. It is concerned primarily with the part played by nutrients in body growth, development and maintenance. Dietetics is the practical application of the principle of nutrition. It includes the planning of food for both the normal and sick persons. A set of dietetic codes has been prescribed by Ayurveda. When food is taken judiciously, according to the codes of dietetics then only the benefits of ahara can be achieved. Any aberration in diets leads to ill health.