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A Retrospect on Prakriti and Lifestyle

Sharma Pooja, Sodhi Danisha, Gupta Vikas, Dadhich N.K.

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Ayurveda may be interpreted as a science in which the knowledge of life exists or which helps a man to enjoy a longer duration of life. If we look at different people in the world around us, we observe that all of us are not simply alike. In Ayurveda every individual is in unique form. Not only each individual has different size and shape but its physiological and even psychological characters are different. This is because they have prevalent Panchmahabhuta, Dosha or Triguna at the time of birth which decides their constitution. Once this fundamental constitution is set, it is like permanent stain on white cloth. Once this preponderance is decided, every tissue and every system in the body has this predominance in them and hence they function according to that. If proper care is not taken then, this slight predominance may lead to certain disorders. This is all because of Prakriti (constitution). According to this predominance every individual needs certain type of food, drinks and behavior to keep him healthy and „way of life‟ redirects here. The term „lifestyle‟ can denote the interests, opinions, behaviors and behavioral orientations of an individual group. The lines between personal identity and the everyday doing that signal a particular lifestyle become blurred in modern society. Through this article, I have made an endeavor only to evaluate inter-relationship between Prakriti and lifestyle or any other type of effect of lifestyle using on individual Prakriti.