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A Comparative Clinical Study on the Efficacy of Madhukadi Choorna and Shweta Bhasma in Shweta Pradara

Poonam Bhojak, Suvrna.P, J.G.Mitti and M.C.Patil

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Background: In Ayurvedic literature, regarding the Shweta Pradara, there is no separate chapter allotted in Brihatrayee, but all Acharyas of Brihatrayee have described Shweta Pradara in term of Yoni Srava as a symptom in many Yoni Rogas. Shweta Pradara is a condition characterized with white vaginal discharge may or may not be associated with pain, burning sensation and discomfort. Thus it seems to be a description of leucorrhoea Aims and Objectives: Clinical evaluation of the comparative efficacy of the Madhukadi choorna and Shweta Bhasma in specific cases of Shweta Pradara. Study Design: It is a random comparative clinical study which will be conducted on two groups with 10 patients each who will complete the treatment all along the study period. The patients will be selected from the Out Patient department of DGMAMC&H (Shri Danappa Gurusidappa Melmalagi Ayurveda Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre, Gadag for respective clinical trial. Assessment Criteria: Based on the subjective and objective parameters like Yoni srava, Yoni Vedana, Yoni Kandu, Vaginal smear, Vaginal pH etc. the Criteria of assessment are set aside. Results and Interpretations: Among both the groups, Group ‘A’ responded well to the treatment and Group ‘B’ responded satisfactorily. It is well understood based on the mode of action of the individual constituent of both the compound formulations.