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Analysis of Madhuraskandha’s Rasayana Drugs through Pharmacognostical, Physicochemical and Phytochemical Parameters

Sushama Bhuvad, K Nishteswar

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Acharya Charaka has classified drugs based upon the Rasa; as Rasaskandha in the context of Asthapana Bastidravyas. The drugs included in the Skandha are not only based upon their Rasa but also according to their Vipaka and Prabhava. Madhurarasadravya attributes actions like Rasayana, Balya, and Jivaniya Karma. Charaka had stated another therapeutic classification containing dashemani dravyas. In these groups of drugs, Rasayana karma may be attributed to Jeevaniya, Balya, Brihmaniya, Vayasthapanadashemani groups. In the present study, a list of ten Rasayana drugs was drawn by comparing Vayasthapana gana and Madhuraskandha drugs i.e. Atibala, Vidari, Kantakari, Eranda, Gokshura, Guduchi, Shalaparni, Jivanti, Shatavari and Punarnava. These drugs were evaluated by Pharmacognostical, Physicochemical and Phytochemical studies. The microscopical study of the powder showed the presence of starch grains and calcium oxalate crystals. Physicochemical parameters showed that water soluble extractive value is more than alcohol soluble extractive value. Majority of these drugs showed presence of Carbohydrates, Reducing sugar, Amino acids, Proteins, Tannin, Steroids, Triterpenoids, Anthraquinone, and Saponin. These can be used as standard parameters to generate purity and quality of the herbal drugs.