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Yoga – The Holistic Therapy for Lifestyle Disorders

Shailendra Pradhan

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

In this article an introduction of Yoga and its scientific analysis from Maharshi Patanjali is provided. How mind-body harmony could be achieved through practice of yoga is illustrated by the scientific approach of Yoga. According to MaharshiPatanjali, the main goal of Yoga is to free your mind from all suffering in order to finally achieve universal consciousness. To reach this state, Patanjali advocates the practice of astanga yoga meaning the eight-fold path. In this article, one of the eight fold path, “asana”, which refers to the practice of postures for achieving stability and firmness of the body both physically and psychologically, is emphasized. In this article there is no attempt to illustrate all the different steps of performing Yoga-Asanas. However, the benefits of practicing the major asanas can provide a path to a curative and preventive measure for all physical and/or psychological issues. Thus the practice of YogaAsanas with proper breathing taught by an expert can provide mind-body balance. Yoga considers that when the whole body has lowered life force, the result is a lowered vitality level, poor health and susceptibility to various diseases. No disease would occur if the body's life force were high enough to fight against it.Yoga is the union of mind and body with spirit.