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Role of Leech Application in the Synthesis of Healthy Collagen in Non-Healing Ulcers (Jalauka Awacharan in Dushta Vrana)

Devendra Prasad Mishra

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Wounds form a very extensive and important class of the disease. Although a very extensive research work has been done on the nature of healing processes, yet the fundamental understanding of the mechanism of wound healing is not fully explored. However, the work done on the general pattern of the process of healing and on some of the factors which aid in wound healing are utilized in present study. Healthy collagen formation is one of the important factors for the process of wound healing. Therefore, keeping these points in mind a sincere review of Ayurvedic and Modern literature was done. Leech application was mentioned by Sushruta and Charaka in the management of non- healing Ulcers (Dushta Vrana). Therefore a clinical study was done with patients divided in Leech applied group and control group, histobiochemical analysis was assessed on 'modified numerical scale of "Ehrlach and Hunt". Thorough observations and results were evaluated on chi-square statistical calculations it was found that Leech application is statistically significant in the synthesis of healthy collagen.