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Portrayal of Asthi Sharir in Pre- Samhita Kaal

Gaurav Soni, J. Manohar and Sandeep Lahange

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

History of mankind is inseparably intertwined in the history of India. Asthi has been given ample importance from commencement of life. Asthi due to its hardness was used firstly as weapon for killing and self protection, as in Bone Age. As per Hindu Mythology, Asthi Visarjaan, which is one of the Sanskar to be performed at the last, confirming the definition of Asthi as per Seers- “as the last entity to be remained after cremation or after demolition of other body parts.” Due to different principles, faith‟s and way of learning, there are basic difference in osteological knowledge of ancient India and modern time. There is enough evidence of knowledge of Asthi Sharir (osteology) in the ancient India but in Sutra Rupa or in dispersed form. Starting from Pre-Vedic period, Vedic Period and Post-Vedic period all have somewhat description of Asthi Sharir but not in mannered way. Atharveda and Puranas especially in Agni Purana there is descriptive knowledge of Asthi’s. Thus, a study was needed to glorify the ancient knowledge of Asthi Sharir in this scientific world. Here evidence are presented to show that the Indians were the first scientific cultivators of the most important and essential department of medical knowledge namely Osteology i.e. Asthi Sharir.