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A Variationist Study on the Occurrence of Pharyngeal Fricatives in the Clerical Speech Community in Qom

Seyyed Abd ol-Majid Tabatabaee Lotfi and Ebrahim Tobeyani

Journal Title:Online Journal of Social Sciences Research

Within the broad field of sociolinguistics this research is a focus on the variationist paradigm. Like sociolinguists in general, variationists are trained as linguists and routinely use descriptive and analytic tools that are common throughout the field of linguistics. This study is an attempt to explore the association of one major social class and part of its verbal behavior. With respect to the research questions, it was found that the clergymen's perception about their pronunciation of the pharyngeal consonant, (? ?), differs significantly with IPA description of the Persian sounds; the clergymen's actual pronunciation of this consonant differs significantly from the hypothesized values supplied according to IPA description of the Persian sound; and the clergymen's perception and actual pronunciation of this pharyngeal consonants do not significantly vary from each other. It could be concluded that there is a meaningful relationship between being a clergyman (Talabeh) and producing pharyngeal fricatives in everyday conversations. The variationist techniques of investigation applied in this study are hoped to have described part of the phonetic/phonological behavior of one of the major social classes in Iran, especially in Qom. Key words: Variationist, speech community, clerical, social variable, linguistic variable, phonetic/phonological variables.