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Text to Speech Synthesis for Blind Person

Yamini D. Patil, Nandakishor C. Patil


The present growth of digitization of books and manuscripts demands an immediate solution toaccess them electronically. In the last three decades significant advancement is made in therecognition of documents written in Latin-based scripts. There are many excellent attempts inbuilding robust document analysis systems in industry, academia and research labs. While in textto speech, there are many systems which convert normal language text in to speech. This thesisaims to study on image recognition technology (Optical Character Recognition) with speechsynthesis technology and to develop a cost effective user friendly image to speech conversionsystem using MATLAB. In this work we tried to make a system by which we can get the textthrough image and then speech through that text using MATLAB. The primary motivations are to provide users with a friendly vocal interface with the computer and to allow people withcertain handicaps (such as blindness, dumbness, poor vision, visual dyslexia) to use the computeror to read any type of documents.