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Elderly patient safety from the nurse's point of view in an LSIE

Aretusa Amorim Lima, Elias Rocha de Azevedo Filho, Regina Celia De Oliveira Martins Nunes, Alberto Cesar da Silva Lopes.

Journal Title:Revista de Divulgação Científica Sena Aires

To describe patient safety from the perspective of nurses, provide nursing services and care for the elderly, believing that they are the professionals who maintain the patient's closest proximity. Method: It is a study of literary review carried out through scientific articles. An electronic search was conducted in the following databases: (BDENF) - Special Bibliographies in the Brazilian Nursing Area and in SciELO - Scientific Electronic Library Оnline and reliacción how books. Result: The nurse, as coordinator of the nursing team, cannot lose sight of the exercise of his / her role of responding is a team committed to always seek technical-scientific and ethical improvement. Conclusion: in view of the magnitude of the patient safety issue, which promotes the current perspective of women's health organizations, and some considerations about teaching and research assistance become forward-looking. to consolidate a constructive and constructive safety culture.