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The Red Fruits (Pandanus Conoideus) Extract Immunomodulation on the Mammary Tumor Bearing Mice T Lymphocytes and Macrophages

Yulhasri || Kusmardi Kusmardi || Aryo Tedjo || Eva Zakiyah || Suprianto || Novianto

Journal Title:International Journal of Current Medical Science and Dental Research

Objective: To investigate the effect of the red fruits (Pandanus conoideus) oil extract (RFOE) on activities of T lymphocytes (TL) derived from spleen and peritoneal macrophages (PM) of mammary tumor bearing mice in vitro. Materials and Methods: The RFOE was obtained by ethanol extraction consists of fraction 1-5 and used at 2 ppm concentrations. TL and PM were isolated, stimulated to proliferate while 24 hours of in vitro cultures. TL and PM activity were studied with the fraction 1 to 5, β- carotene, tocopherol, linoleic acid, RFO and negative control. Results and Conclusion: our study showed that fraction 2 and 3 of RFOE, β-carotene and tocopherol have effect in enhancing the CD8, CD 25 expression on T lymphocytes cultures; and fraction 1 on the CD 54 and CD64 expression of PM cultures.