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The Patient Check List

Zaid Mera,2,Manal Al-kaiem

Journal Title:International Journal of Current Medical Science and Dental Research

In our everyday practice, when the patient attends his outpatient appointment, he/she expects a full perfect session of consultation with the expert. So, a good preparation from both parties promotes a better quality of the consultation and minimises the risk of missing any information.It is estimated that over 80% of diagnoses are made on history alone, a further 5-10% on examination and the remainder of investigation [1].Despite this might be debatable and differs from case to case, the patient presenting history remains the essential aspect of clinical practice and appropriate history taking can easily lead the clinician to make a correct diagnosis of the health problem in many cases.So that, the patient’s preparation before the consultation is highly recommended, and importantly, we need to focus on the records before reviewing the patient.