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The effect of addition NaCI 150 mOsmol pH 7 on liposomes Tetraether Lipid (EPC-TEL 2,5) with sonication

Yulhasri, 2,Widya Safitri, 3,Erni H Purwaningsih, 4,Kusmardi Kusmardi

Journal Title:International Journal of Current Medical Science and Dental Research

As a drugs carrier, liposome can alter the pharmacokinetics of the entrapped drugs. Thus, drugs can act directly on the targeted cell while their systemic side effects are reduced. To become an effective drugs carrier, liposome must reach its stability in chemical, physical, and biological conditions. Liposome stability can be achieved by changing the lipid composition, such as EPC-TEL 2,5 which is made from the combination of Egg Yolk Phosphatydyl Coline (EPC) and TEL 2,5 mol % that is extracted from Thermoplasma acidofilum. The aim of this study is to test the chemical stability of liposome EPC-TEL 2,5 with sonication by addition of NaCI 150 mOsmol pH 7 solution. The increase in number of liposome larger than 100 nm is the stability parameter in this study. After observation at day 0, 7, 30, 60, 90, there was no significant increase in the number of liposome larger than 100 nm after addition of NaCI 150 mOsmol pH 7 compared with control.