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Extraction of Saffron Crocin as a Natural Pharmaceutical Source with Solidification Method

Steve Safrany

Journal Title:International Journal of Current Medical Science and Dental Research

In this research with crystallization method, saffron Crocin was extracted. Ethanol 80% and acetone was chosen as the best extraction solvent. Crystallization and purification process was performed in two steps in zero and -5c° degree. In first step, saffron Crocin was extracted with ethanol and after keeping in - 5c° for 23 days obtained Crystals were separated. Obtained Crocin crystals from the first step had low purity and thepure crystals were yielded during the second crystallization. Extraction and purity of Crocin crystals were studied by UV-visible spectrophotometry and Fourier transform spectrometry and HPLC analysis compared to Crocin Sigma-Aldrich. Results show that the extraction intensity and purity of the obtained Crocins were significantly higher than Sigma Aldrich crocin. The results of this research showed that purchased Crocin according to the chromatograms is not pure and some unknown impurity was seen. Besides, Chromatogram spectra's shows that obtained Crocin crystals were in higher purity than purchased one.