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Appropriate Use of Metered- Dose Inhalers Technique and its Determinants Among Asthmatic Adult Patients Attending Chest Clinics in Al Noor Specialist Hospital and Hera General Hospital at Makkah Al- Mukarramah, 2018

Dr. Abrar Tariq Alamoudi1 , Dr. Karimah Mohammad Qutah2 , Dr. Fahad Saqib Lodhi3

Journal Title:International Journal of Current Medical Science and Dental Research

Background: The most common route for managing bronchial asthma is using inhaled medications. Correct inhaler technique requires steps performed in sequence. However, various studies have reported critical errors in the inhaler technique by patients. Objectives: To estimate the frequency and identify the determinant of the appropriate use of Metered- Dose Inhaler technique among asthmatic patients attending pulmonary clinics in Al Noor Specialist Hospital and Hera General Hospital, in Makkah Al Mukarramah, 2018. Material and methods: Cross-sectional study included 145 asthmatic adult patients recruited from 30thSepmber – 30thOctober 2018 from pulmonary clinics at the mentioned hospitals. An Interview validated questionnaire was usedbased on Asthma Control Test- for data collection and observational validated checklist. Results:Among 145 asthmatic patients, the mean age was 48 and standard deviation ±16.1 years.Overall, asthma was controlled among 31.7% of patients, based on the Adult Control Test. The appropriate use of metered-dose inhalers technique by asthmatic patients was observed among 35.2% of them. It was significantly higher observed among patients live in Makkah (p=0.004), single patients (p=0.013), higher education (p=0.006), with income ranged between 9001 and 10000 SR/month (p<0.001) and young (p=0.005). Patients treated regularly by family physicians (p<0.001), those who had no other chronic diseases were more likely to use appropriately inhaler technique, Higher number of use of inhalers per week p=0.029, Patients who trained/retrained on the right way of using asthma inhaler andpatients trained through YouTube or relatives p<0.001. Conclusion:Improper inhaler use is common among adult asthmatic patients in MakkahAl- Mukarramah. However, it was not significantly associated with poor asthma control.