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Knowledge and Practice of Management Type2 Diabetes Mellitus during Ramadan and Associated Factors among Family Physicians in the Primary Health Care Centers of the Ministry of the Health Inside Makkah - Al Mukarramah City 2018

Ghadeer AL-Aidarous 1 , Osama Mohammed AL Wafi

Journal Title:International Journal of Current Medical Science and Dental Research

Background: Islam permits certain groups of Muslims from not fasting Ramadan including Muslims with diabetes. However, many patients insist on participating in Ramadan fasting. Objectives: To evaluate knowledge and practice of management of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus during Ramadan and associated factors among family physicians in the primary health care centers. Subjects and methods: Cross-sectional study among family physicians (specialists and consultants) in primary health care centers of the Ministry of Health inside Makkah Al- Mukarramah city. A self-Administered questioner was utilized for data collection. Results: The study included 80 primary healthcare physicians. The guideline mostly followed for management of diabetes during Ramadan among the participants was ADA, followed by IDF. Adequate knowledge of basic concepts/management skills, non-insulin dose modification, nutrition plan and insulin management of type 2 diabetes during Ramadan were observed among 46.2%, 81.2%, 23.7% and 21.2% of the physicians, respectively with an overall adequate knowledge level of 41.2%. Older physicians (p=0.001), consultants (p<0.001), physicians who reported having access to the online medical library (p=0.043) and those who had a history of attending conferences, workshop, seminars, courses about diabetes management during Ramadan (p=0.037) were more knowledgeable regarding management of type 2 diabetes in Ramadan than others. Overall the percentage of the safe practice score of management of diabetes during Ramadan ranged between 53.3 and 100%. Conclusion: Overall, knowledge regarding management of T2DM during Ramadan was unsatisfactory among family physicians in Makkah. However, their safe practice of management of diabetes during Ramadan was satisfactory