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Evaluation of Urban Micro-Climate in Cold Climate Cities: The Case of Urban Transformation Area in Erzurum

Merve Yavaş, Sevgi Yılmaz

Journal Title:Artium

The need to be sensitive against the climate conditions is urgent for public space design particularly in cold climate cities where people are living under severe conditions. Although there is an increasing awareness of climate-sensitive and sustainable development in our country, there are very few initiatives defining urban development on a stable, flexible and local scale with respect to climate condition. The scope of this research is based on a mixed method including physical and climatic analysis and a microclimate analysis of the study area consistent with the interdisciplinary nature of this type of climate studies. In this study, Mahallebaşı district as urban transformation area in Erzurum is evaluated according to bioclimatic criteria. Thermal comfort value has been calculated for eight different variations in the ENVI-met 4.4 model with the climate data recorded in winter of 2019. Changing air and surface temperature depending on these variations for winter were examined and it is confirmed that outdoor comfort could be increased up to 2 ° C in winter with the help of the ideal design strategies.