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Congenital cervical scoliosis in a Holstein Friesian calf

Sakhaee E

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Science

An abnormal vertebral development that results in a lateral curvature of the spine is classified as congenital scoliosis. The type and region of the malformation determines severity of the scoliosis. The name "scoliosis" comes from the Greek word meaning curvature. In November 2012, an 8-day-old male Holstein Friesian calf was referred to the Hospital of Kerman Veterinary Medicine Faculty, Iran. The calf, which weighed approximately 50 kg, had a C -shaped scoliosis that occurred in the neck vertebrae and not associated with trauma, and we did not identify any evidence of trauma or fractures on radiographs. On physical examination, the animal was found to be alert, there is no neurologic damage and breathing difficulties. The rectal temperature and heart rate were 38.9 C and 88 pulses / min, respectively. The natural history of congenital scoliosis plays a vital role in the prognosis and treatment of the defect. Congenital scoliosis presents a major challenge to the Veterinarian as a result of the possibility of a wide variety of primary and secondary abnormalities. These abnormalities develop during fetal life, and thus treatment of these patients often necessitates numerous tests and thorough repetitive examination by the Veterinarian. Keywords: Congenital cervical scoliosis - Calf