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Medico-legal Aspects of AIDS

Bijay Kumar Gupta

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

As the incidence and awareness on AIDS increases among the public, the ethical, legal and regulating mechanism s are becoming more significant. Effort to protect individual rights while safeguarding the public from a fatal communicable virus are presenting many unprecedented legal question in public health, education employment, insurance, medical law, family law, civil rights etc. An effort is made here to discuss briefly on ethical and legal aspect of AIDS in the contest of developing country like India. At present there is no legislation particularly integrating all issues concerning HIV and AIDS. There can be no valid or effective response to HIV/AIDS without respect for the human rights, fundamental freedom and the dignity of human beings. Effective prevention, care and support for HIV/AIDS is possible in an environment where human rights are respected and where those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS live a life without stigma and discrimination. The protection of human rights is essential to safeguard human dignity in the context of HIV/AIDS. Efforts need to be made to train all medical and other auxiliary medical health care workers to create a congenial environment where HIV/AIDS patients are admitted and treated without any fear and scare.