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Review of Kushtha Hetu according to Bruhatrayi

Prashant Parauha and CH Sadanandam

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Our nature is full of surprises but for every incidence there is at least one causative factor. This rule cannot be changed and that’s why for retrogression of every disease itʼs etiology is important. In most of the instances hetus are directly responsible for the disease but sometimes not. It is therefore, important to take a view of the disease in etiological manner. In Ayurveda the causative factor of any condition is classified as ‘Hetu’. Its importance can be noticed simply because in every samhita the hetu of any disease has been described firstly while describing the disease and other factors are told after it. We all know that skin covers our whole body and disorders of skin are great matter of interest. In samhitas the disorders of skin are designated as ‘Kushthas’. Kushtha denotes the change in appearance, texture and functioning of the skin. It is a term used for broad meaning and our ancient scholars have divided kushtha in various types according to its doshik involvement and power of affecting the body. Although it is a disorder of skin but due to its vast extension, other systems of body also get affected by the disease. Knowledge of hetu is important to restrict the occurrence and progression of disease.