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To Reveal the Identity of Nrutyakundaka Beeja - A Review

Tonge Madan B

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The exact identity of various Ayurvedic Dravyas is always a burning issue for Ayurveda practitioners. For the same Acharyas made a suitable adjustment in terms of Pratinidhi Dravyas as well as Abhava Dravyas. Still some Dravyas mentioned in Samhitas were granted according to the ability and knowledge of different Acharyas in their own way. One of this type of Dravya is Nrutyakundaka Baaja, which is still to be revealed. The exact identity of the Nrutyakundaka Beeja is still not clearly established and still in ambiguous state. It was used by traditional healers in different way, nearly for the same purpose of treatment. This paper reviews the references and importance of Nrutyakundaka Beeja through Samhita and Nighantus because Nighantu is considered as latest among classical work in Dravyaguna Shastra. The traditional knowledge is transferred through oral teachings and the lack of clear documents creates gaps in the system. That’s why there is a need for the extensive study of ancient literature to adopt and implement modern techniques to study the identity and medicinal properties. Current literature review was performed by collecting relevant information from Ayurveda literature. The traditional knowledge of healing system and literature study paves the way for more productive benefit. Also much more extensive studies have to be carried out to get the knowledge of identity and pharmacological properties of Nrutyakundaka Beeja, in future.