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Clinical Evaluation of the Anti-inflammtory Action of Ayurvedic Remedies in Arthritis w.s.r. to Shotha - A Review

Vd. R. M. Sonwane, Vd. Amit Gajarmal and Vd. D.S.Chothe

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Indian traditional system of medicine, Ayurveda encompasses all aspects of living-health and sickness. Like other pathological conditions inflammation has been documented mainly in the Brihata Trayee and Madhava Nidana. Inflammation and the oedema associated with it have got the attention due to it in Ayurveda as a pathological manifestation. It is known by different names in different contexts namely Shotha, Shopha, Svayathu, Utsedha and Samhata are the terms used in Ayurveda. This paper seeks to present a review on clinical evaluation of the antiinflammatory action of Ayurvedic remedies in Shotha, exploring the relationship between inflammation and Dravya Prayoga (medicine), based on Ayurveda principles.