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Productivity of gherkin cultivars in different cropping systems

Herodilson Guimarães da Costa, Ana Francisca T. A. Ferreira e Ferreira, Hiroshi Noda, Jânia Lília da Silva Bentes

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

Gherkin is a very consumed vegetable in the North and Northeast of Brazil, and over the years it has been cultivated bythe family farmers in a traditional way, with the fruit in contact with the soil, which induces the commercialdepreciation of the fruits and the frequent occurrence of diseases. Several techniques have been implemented for thecultivation of fruit vegetables, being the tutoring one of the most used, for promoting the increase of productivity and toimprove the quality of the fruits. The objective of this work was to evaluate the productivity of three cultivars ofgherkin (North, Northeastern and INPA) in three (undergrowth, in vertical stake and espalier) in the dry and rainyseason in Amazonas. Parameters related to weight, length, diameter and number of fruits were evaluated, andproductivity was estimated. However, the best quality of the fruits was obtained in the cultivation with espalier. Amongthe cultivars, INPA presented the best performance. The period of drought was the one that favored the production andquality of the fruits of maxixe, which is recommended for the planting of this crop in the state of Amazonas.