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Grafting in tomato cultivar Yoshimatsu

Luziane Vitor de Souza, Daniel Felipe de Oliveira Gentil

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

This work verified the compatibility between commercial tomato cultivars and Yoshimatsu by means of grafting.Approach grafting underwent five treatments (‘Santa Cruz’, ‘Santa Cruz Kada Gigante’, ‘Santa Cruz Kada Paulista’,‘Santa Clara 5800’ and ‘Gaúcho Melhorado’ scions) plus four repetitions. Full cleft grafting underwent four treatments(‘Santa Cruz’, ‘Santa Cruz Kada Gigante’, ‘Santa Cruz Kada Paulista’ and ‘Santa Clara 5800’) plus five repetitions.Yoshimatsu cultivar stood as under stock. Commercial cultivars showed compatibility, with greater affinity betweenunder stock and ‘Santa Clara 5800’ and ‘Santa Cruz Kada Paulista’ scions, especially upon full cleft grafting (nearly90% attachment rate).