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Plant extracts in the biological control of Botrytis cinerea organic strawberry

Cristiano Pereira da Silva, Rafaella Caroline Bernardi Marchiotti

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

Strawberry culture is one of the most difficult when it comes to the biological control of fungi. The use of plant extractsas an alternative control to minimize the incidence of persistent fungi in crops or planting areas has been researched inrecent years, in the search for more natural control and less harmful to the environment and human health. The objectiveof this work was to verify the effect of the extracts of the plants, losna (Artemisia absinthium L.), arruda (Rutagraveolens L.), pimento-longa (Piper aduncum L.) on the biological control of the fungus Botrytis cinerea. The extractswere prepared by extracting the crude extract of the plants, diluted in ethanol-based solvents, dosed at 0 (control orcontrol), 25g.L-1, 50g.L-1, 100g.L-1, 12 treatments, 5 replicates and 10 plants. Among the results obtained, we highlightthe concentrations of 100g.L-1 for the extracts of Piper aduncum L. with significant effect on the control of Botrytiscinerea fungi with significant decrease of the presence and infestation in plants as in fruits.