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Physicochemical evaluations and antioxidant capacity in jenipapo fruit in green and mature development stage

Roseni Marçal Chaves, Angela Kwiatkowski, Queila Dias Pereira, Allisson Popolin, Thais Adriana Colman Novaes

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

The objective of this work was to perform physicochemical evaluations of genotype at mature and mature maturation stages. Evaluations were made in fruit pulp and seed, such as pH, acidity, vitamin C, instrumental color, total phenolic compounds, carotenoids, flavonoids and antioxidant activity. The physicochemical aspects resulted in values that varied for the pulp and seed of the green and mature fruit, respectively: pH (4.12, 3.93, 5.05; 4.38), acidity (0.45, 0.51, 0.89, 0.27 g/100g). The vitamin C ranged from 16.67 à a 50.00 mg/100g, phenolic compounds ranged from 91.05 to 166.80 EAG/100 g, antioxidant activity (20.80, 54.87, 53.76, 50.22%), besides presenting carotenoid and flavonoid contents,