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Characterization of Lagenaria siceraria access

Gabriel Silva Leão Ferreira, Danilo Paulain Cavalcante, Daniel Felipe de Oliveira Gentil

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

Porongo-chuchu is a vegetable of the cucurbit family, grown by family farmers in the western state of Pará, Brazil.The objective of this work was to describe the morphological,phenological and agronomic characteristics of an access of this species, coming from Terra Santa, PA.The studywas composed of 20 plants.Qualitative characters were described, while quantitative data were submitted to descriptive statistical analysis.Under the conditions under which this study was carried out,the characterization showedparticularities of the access, such as fruits of predominantly piriform shape, pulp without bitterness, flowering and fruiting late,long cycle and high production of fruits per plant.