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Habits and food crops on the consumption of non-conventional vegetables by family farmers.

Heliane Aparecida Barros de Oliveira, Pamella Cristine Anunciação, Ceres Mattos Della Lucia, Luiza Carla Vidigal Castro, Helena Maria Pinheiro Sant’Ana

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

We investigated habits and food cultures of family farmers, and the preparation of unconventional vegetables (HNC). A semi-structured questionnaire was applied to farmers from sixcommunities, as well as a participant observation technique. Data expressed by descriptive statistics. Knowledge about consumption and preparation of HNC was acquired from parents and grandparents and passed on to children and grandchildren, encouraged bytheir nutritional and medicinal value. The preparation techniques are similar, indicated by similar correction and cooking factors. Mustard, serralha and capiçova are prepared by dry heat and ora-pro-nobis, by mixed cooking. The results can contribute to the recovery, valorization and perpetuation of eating habits and cultures in relation to HNC.